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“(…) it is not a question of creating works which aim to produce social relations ,

but works which are social relations (…)”

Jacques Rancière, 'Le spectateur émancipé'  (The Emancipated Spectator)



⎝ ENTRE ⎠performances are encounters.

These encounters are made through listening.

Around a piano or a keyboard from which electronic sounds emerge. Not in the search for incredible sounds but rather to make the listening more subtle. Because it is perhaps the only thing that matters: knowing how to listen to the other, our environment.

It was Marcel Duchamp who said, “it is the viewer who makes the picture”.

So with ⎝ ENTRE ⎠, it is the experience of a joyful interdependence where the spectator is active. But never saying how. Everyone has to decide for themselves. You decide what to do, you are the actor of your own experience.

And I react in return.

The performance becomes this relationship between us.

We are in between, both actor - both spectator, both at the show - and at the same time in life, because there everything is possible, we are in a state of suspension. To blur the borders between performance and life.

We would be unable to clearly say what is happening at that moment. In what space-time our listening has led us.

There is something unspeakable shared in the air, like a sort of echo...



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