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Invite, meet, share.

Place the other at the center of her thinking,  her work, her performance. The strength of relationships with others is at the heart of Gwen Rouger’s work.

A perspective of listening and connection to the spectator. An invitation to share suspended moments, whether in your caravan, your work site tent and soon in other unusual places...



The meeting questions, enriches through listening, on both sides. No matter the performances I have had the chance to share with Gwen, each time, the artist is generous and the listener relaxes, makes herself available and even frees herself. In this creative process, each encounter is unique. No matter the origins, the stories behind the faces, the attitudes... Gwen deals with the other.



Thinking about such artistic forms today, in the current political context, simply feels good. This gives meaning to artistic practices and reminds us of the very essential role of the artist in society.



Gwen Rouger researches and innovates, travels and makes people travel. Listening to yourself to bring out the best, listening to others to understand, build together, create together.



Listening… always listening! This is Gwen Rouger’s path as a composer!


Laurence Rougier,

President of the ENTRE association

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Gwen Rouger, Artistic direction

+33(0)7 83 35 62 60 

Isabelle Planche, Production
+33 (0)6 75 39 69 32 

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