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Since everything is doomed to disappear, beings like works of art, only the moment of the encounter and what it creates interests me. Moment of doubt, adaptation, listening, testing, research. On the part of the artist as well as the spectator. To get rid of preconceived ideas and work to be free. Gwen Rouger


Pianist Gwen Rouger designs musical performances that place human encounters and relationships at the center of the experience.

It is in this approach that she is the artistic director of ENTRE company, which includes various piano performances for a single spectator placed in the public space (Caravan, Tente de Chantier), and the performance Digestion for solo keytar. She is also in the artistic direction of the ensemble Soundinitiative and she regularly intervenes to address issues of concert curation in today's society.

She was artist in residence at the Cité des Arts (Paris/France) in 2015/2016, and at the Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart/ Germany) in 2016/2017. She has performed as a soloist abroad and in France in venues such as Cafe OTO, BBC Radio 3 (London, UK), BIFEM Festival (Australia), LEE Foundation Theater (Singapore), Festival Klang (Denmark) , 104, Radio France, Center Pompidou/Festival Manifeste, Festival Musica (France).


Her solo projects have been invited to festivals such as Spor (Aarhus, Denmark), Ear to the Ground (Ghent, Belgium), Switch (Théâtre de Vanves, France), MEN (Wroclaw, Poland), Rainy Days Festival (Luxembourg) , Borealis (Bergen, Norway), Geneva Archipelago (Switzerland), Passage Transfestival (Metz, France), Today Musics of the Archipelago festival, national stage of Perpignan (France)..

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'Silence' by John Cage

'Duchamp du signe' by Marcel Duchamp

'I no longer belong to art' by Joseph Beuys

'What is art?' by Joseph Beuys

'What is money?' by Joseph Beuys

'The emancipated spectator' by Jacques Rancière

'Aesthetics of encounter' by Baptiste Morizot and Estelle Zhong Mengual

'Art in common' by Estelle Zhong Mengual

'The Theater of Absence' by Heiner Goebbels

'Making art as we make society' from Les Nouveaux Commanditaires

'From the infrathin, a brief history of the imperceptible from Marcel Duchamp to the present day' by Thierry Davila

'Praise of blandness' by François Jullien

'Pianos don't grow on trees' by Max Neuhaus

'Crossing the Walls' by Marina Abramovic

'The Open Work' by Umberto Eco

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